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Alison Palmer, MS, APRN

Therapy Sessions

Promoting Reproductive Mental Health Across the Lifespan

Healthcare teams inherently want to provide care that promotes healthy and safe patient outcomes.
Governing organizations produce guidelines informed from data-driven medical research.   
The challenge presents when institutions and practice settings are charged with how to put these standards into real-time operations.  
Implementation across systems of care requires that the experiences of patients and front-line providers are heard. 
I co
mbine over 27 years of nursing experience as a bedside labor and delivery nurse, perinatal clinical nurse specialist, and dual-certified nurse practitioner in OBGYN and reproductive mental health. 
My passion to support the wellness of individuals extends to my interest in working on the implementation aspects of evidence-based guidelines, recommendations and standards of care to address the logistics that healthcare teams  encounter in their everyday workflows.

"I'm not here to be right. I'm here to get it right.
That's what we need to build in our leaders
and the culture of our organizations."

~Brene' Brown

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 Education & Development for
Healthcare Professionals

Continuing education workshops on a variety of perinatal and reproductive behavioral health topics

Perinatal Mental Health

Fundamentals of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Fertility challenges and perinatal loss

Screening tools


Multidisciplinary + holistic treatment approaches

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Individuals & Families

Support Groups

Peer Support

Local Community Programs - National and Global

Behavioral Health Integration

Perinatal Psychiatry Access Program Models

Treatment Pathways


Innovative evidence-based programs

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